Dragon Trust

Investing in Solana is a strategic move, particularly with the support of Dragon Trust, under the guidance of an experienced validator. Dragon Trust excels in offering reliable, secure validator services with advanced bare metal hardware. Let's stake!
Our server


Experience unparalleled performance with our top-tier bare metal hardware in a New York data center. Our systems boast AMD EPYC 7443p CPUs, 24 cores, a massive 256 GB of RAM, and ultra-fast 2x2TB NVME drives, complemented by a hefty 10 Gb/s bandwidth.

24/7 Support

Vigilant and prompt, we maintain constant alerts on all servers, ensuring swift action for optimal performance, whether on main or testnet networks.

Operations and Security

We fortify remote server access with cryptographic keys and adhere to the highest standards of security and intrusion protection, routinely reviewing and updating our protocols.

Server Maintenance

Our commitment to security extends to keeping server operating systems and applications fortified with the latest security patches.

Firewall Management

We meticulously configure firewalls to permit only essential ports and protocols while blocking all unnecessary traffic, ensuring a secure and streamlined network environment.






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